Our Mission

Our aim at Dass Funeral Home is to become a world renowned funeral home known for provid-ing you and your family with the highest level of professionalism during your time of need. We are committed and dedicated to providing you with the necessary information and helping you make the right decisions.


Dass Funeral Home first opened its doors on Union Road, Marabella, South Trinidad. It was founded by the Late Mahant Jairaj Popo Dass in the early 1980's, with his children working alongside him. He started the company with the aim to provide an affordable funeral service. Dass Funeral Home was the first to offer a full cremation where they provided everything necessary for the final rites including the construction of the funeral pyre on the cremation site. To this day we have still been evolving as we now offer custom designed funeral pyres.

A few years later after we quickly outgrew our original location and moved to a newer and larger facility at Maraj Avenue, Marabella, where we are still located. This one location was providing services to all parts of Trinidad especially in the central and along the east west corridor. There-fore it was becoming apparent that a closer facility be provided to be more efficient and effective. It was through this need another branch was opened in Endeavor Chaguanas in 1994 in which the same year the founder the late Mahant Jairaj Popo Dass passed away.
Dass Funeral Home continues to make a name for itself in the funeral home industry in Trinidad and Tobago and is still  family owned and operated. Over the years we have been diversifying our business and are members of the National Funeral Directors Association in the United States for the past twenty five years. We continue to maintain our customer oriented approach assisting your family in your time of bereavement .

About Us

Dass Funeral Home offers customized and affordable cremation and burial packages.
The family at Dass Funeral Home  is dedicated to providing you with an excellent quality of ser-vice with integrity and pride.

Services Offered

We provide custom made cremation and burial packages to suit your family needs, tailored to your budgets all in keeping within our high standard of service.
We also handle repatriation and expatriation of your loved ones.
We also offer of custom designed cremation pyres, decoration of the hearse and all materials necessary for cremation.
Pre-Planned Funerals are also available as we at Dass Funeral Home afford you this opportunity for planning ahead. This will give you that peace of mind knowing that you are helping your loved ones when that time arrives.

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About Dass

We are here to guide you along this process of remembering a loved one and providing you with the necessary products and services for that final goodbye and ensuring that the last memory of your loved ones who have passed away be a re-flection of who they were.